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ESC Central Office and Northern Office Staff Directory

Tom Goodney, Superintendent
Elaine Organ, Administrative Assistant to Superintendent
Michael Trego, Deputy Superintendent
Joe Weitz, Senior Policy Consultant
Eric Ulas, Executive Policy Assistant

Business Services
Alan Hutchinson, Treasurer
Dave Weaver, Assistant Treasurer
Tammy Rizzo, Director of Fiscal Services 
Melissa McCormick, Accounting Supervisor
Charla Rose, Payroll Supervisor
Karla Manter, Financial Services Manager
Amelia Bickel, Fiscal Specialist, Payroll
Jamie Stewart, Fiscal Specialist, Payroll
Jackie Howard, Fiscal Specialist, Payroll
Robin Ducay, Fiscal Specialist, Payroll
Laura Cassell, Fiscal Specialist
Diane Hammers, Fiscal Specialist
Kimberly Kelso, Fiscal Specialist
Ronda Partlow, Fiscal Specialist
Kris Smith, Fiscal Specialist

Human Resources
Lewis Stemen, Human Resources Supervisor
Ben Neer, Human Resources Representative
Melissa Radde, Human Resources Representative
Doug Behnke, Substitute Consortium Coordinator
Patti Olson, Administrative Assistant
Kathy Williams, Administrative Assistant
Lucinda Long, Administrative Assistant, Northern Office
Theresa Pasanovic, Administrative Assistant, Northern Office

Client Services
George Tombaugh, Client Services Representative
Bill Reimer, Client Services Representative
Aron Ross, Client Services Representative
Dale McVey, Client Services Representative
Rich Seils, Coordinator of University Partnerships
Alyce Heminger, Administrative Assistant

Community Schools
Dave Mancini, Community School Coordinator
Sophia Speelman, Community School Coordinator

Achievement & Leadership Services
Tom Reed, Executive Director
Rob Engel, Administrative Assistant
Sandy Denney, Administrative Assistant
Cari Cordray-Stephenson, Fiscal Specialist
Teresa Dempsey, Director of Professional Development
Cathleen Heidelberg, Dir. of Data, Access. and Account.
Dee McGlothlin, Coordinator of Educational Technology
Cindy Yoder, Consultant for Teaching and Learning
Lou Staffilino, Consultant for Teaching and Learning
Megan Ash, Coordinator of Digital Learning and Training

Ohio Network for Education Transformation
Tom Reed, Executive Director     
Jean Kugler, Innovation Specialist         
Dee McGlothlin, Innovation Specialist        

Race to the Top
Greg Sampson, Race to the Top Specialist
Mark Yoho, Race to the Top Specialist
Judy Summers, RttT Formative Instruction Specialist

Center for Business and Innovation
Michael Grace, Director
Barbara Harden, Business Operations Manager
Chris Downey, Grants Manager
Jackie Deiter, Business Services Consultant
Pat Conley, Conference Center, Executive Secretary
Thomas Gilkerson, Media Van Driver

Carly Glick, Communications Consultant
Jacob Lammers, Communications Specialist
Matt Goodwin, Visual Communications Assistant
Dwayne Stout, Printer

Student Services

Rhonda Dickson, Assistant Superintendent
Lynn Brannon, Director
Susan Cronin, Administrative Assistant
Pamila Shaloo, Administrative Assistant
Lara Uher, Alt. Ed. Coordinator
Kim Pletcher, Alt. Ed. Administrative Assistant
Jenn Bogenrife, Coordinator
Jenny Dennis, Coordinator
Terri Gampp, Coordinator
Allison Jenison, Coordinator
Ann Ivinskas, Coordinator
Lara Uher, Coordinator
Brooke Wright, Coordinator

Ohio Reading Corps
Sean Noe, Project Coordinator
Jenny Buck, Regional Coordinator
Keri Willard, Regional Coordinator
Kara Aden, Volunteer & Special Event Coordinator

Attendance Services
Edwin England, Coordinator, Attendance Services
Mindy Farry, School-Court Liaison
Steve Allen, School-Court Liaison

Reception Desk
Brooke Bovenizer, Executive Secretary
Pat Conley, Executive Secretary

Center for Technology

Help Desk
Lori Dray, Director
Dave Dixon, Data Systems Analyst
Doug Appel, Technology Specialist
Heather Richter, Technology Specialist
Steve Wright, Network Analyst
Susie Burleson, Administrative Assistant, Solomon 


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