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Criminal Background Check Requirement

The ESC-COG processes background checks at our main office and our northern satellite office, however you may have your background check processed at any agency that has been approved by the Ohio Attorney General’s office. If you use another agency, please make sure that you obtain a hard copy of your background check for your  records and that a copy is sent electronically to ODE ( where necessary for licensure purposes).  While our office can see that your background results have been forwarded to the Ohio Department of Education, we cannot see the actual results, which we need for employment. 

Please note effective October 22, 2012,  the Ohio Attorney General’s office has advised that the information may only be released to the individual/organization authorized on the BCI waiver for release of criminal history information.  It is not permissible for the ESC-COG to copy and distribute the results of a criminal history background check to multiple organizations.  

Individuals who have completed a BCI/FBI background check within the last 12 months may not need to complete a background check if all of the following listed below are true*:

Individuals applying for classroom positions:

  1. Individual has been fingerprinted within the last 12 months in Ohio and has a hard copy of the results.
  2. Individual’s fingerprint results are on file with the Ohio Department of Education (where required)
  3. and Individual can attach copies of those results on their ESC-COG  e-forms.

Individuals applying for non-classroom positions:

  1. Individual has been fingerprinted within the last 12 months and has a hard copy of the results.
  2. Individual can attach a copy of the background results to the ESC-COG e-form.

* Circumstances must be verified  by an ESC-COG representative.

If you have not completed a BCI/FBI background check within the last 12 months, and are new to the ESC-COG, you will need to complete the background check process.

Any candidate who cannot provide copies of background results to the ESC-COG must complete a  new background check.

The cost of the BCI background check is $29 ; the cost of the FBI background check is $26.  If you require both background checks, the total cost is $55.

Forms of Payment Accepted: 

  • Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit/debit cards

Visit the Ohio Department of Education web site for additional information regarding licensure.



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