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Facilities Improvement

This Winter, in an effort to create a better guest and staff experience and to enhance building safety, we are renovating and remodeling the first floor of the ESC of Central Ohio’s Central Office.

We are reconfiguring much of the lobby and breakroom areas near the Conference Center. Amenities will be increased for guests in the hopes of creating a more welcoming, collaborative space. This will include revamped reception and commons areas, a new mother’s room, additional mobile device charging stations, and standing work areas for conference attendees.

In addition, the building’s safety and security will be updated and refreshed to provide more modern features and capabilities.

Once completed we are sure to have a more welcoming and collaborative workplace that all may enjoy.

Please note: Our Conference Center facilities are to remain open throughout the renovation process. However, some areas and amenities may be restricted. Thank you for your understanding and patience.