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Superintendent's Note

Preparing for Change

As the first month of this new year comes to a close, we are facing an extraordinary amount of change in many of our political and governmental systems. After months of campaigning, our country is now moving forward under a new administration and new Congress and the amount of proposed change coming from Washington is making waves.  In many different ways, these changes are sure to affect us – while also affecting the work of the ESC, our client school districts and our partners. Let’s resolve to keep our focus on the needs of our client school districts and key agency partners throughout 2017.

In addition to the changes at the national level, here in Ohio we have a new General Assembly with many new members, a new Senate president, a new state superintendent at the Department of Education, and a State Board of Education that has eight new members, a new president and vice president. They and the governor will soon be tasked with the state’s next biennial budget process which will bring more proposed changes to our local political and governmental systems, as well as educational. These changes may impact funding, governance, current systems and structures, and more, of the ESC, our client school districts and our partners.

And while this budget process rolls out through the winter and spring, staff members at the Department of Education and stakeholders across the state will be developing a new plan to implement the requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). This plan will describe the long-term educational goals of the state, its assessment system, accountability metrics, school improvement methods, educator evaluation, and much more. This will no doubt bring about more change for the ESC, our client school districts and partners.

And while all of this may seem overwhelming, I invite you to join me in seeing all of this change as an opportunity to improve and provide assistance to those who need it most. To take advantage, the ESC is working hard to ensure that its voice is heard in these discussions, whether it be through the national ESC association, the Ohio Educational Service Center Association, or our own staff members. It is important that our voice is heard on behalf of our client school districts, our partners, and most importantly, the students and families we work hard on behalf of each and every day.

I will work to ensure that you are aware of these many changes and their potential impact on you and our stakeholders. I’m confident that 2017 will be a very productive and impactful year for the ESC of Central Ohio and its key partners.

Tom Goodney