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Superintendent's Note

ESC Governing Board Revises Vision, Purpose, Values and Goals

Over the course of the 2015-16 school year, the ESC of Central Ohio Governing Board and leadership have been working hard to review and revise the agency’s vision, purpose, values and goals. Each board member challenged themselves and each other to ensure that these guiding principles of the ESC genuinely reflected the priorities and needs of today, while being mindful of the future.

The board worked to ensure that their guiding document provided a clear direction reflective of these principles. They asked themselves many reflective questions, such as:

  • For what should the ESC aspire to be known?
  • Why does the ESC exist and what is its purpose?
  • What words represent the values and beliefs of the ESC?

The Governing Board worked diligently to ensure that when these revised guiding principles were complete, they would be clear, systemic and aligned to each other. They also carry an expectation that all future work of the ESC of Central Ohio will be connected to this framework.

I am proud to present the ESC of Central Ohio’s newly revised vision, purpose, values and goals – and look forward to using them as guideposts as we move forward with our important work.

Tom Goodney



An educational solutions agency meeting the needs of today, while remaining focused on the future, driven by innovation and choice.



The ESC of Central Ohio leads when necessary, supports all stakeholders, and seeks to share and leverage resources on behalf of its client school districts and partners.



Respect: We honor the diverse needs of those we serve.

Service: We value the opportunity to be of service.

Collaboration: We foster strong relationships with our partners.

Accountability: We are answerable for our actions and behaviors.



Build and sustain relationships that advance the vision, purpose and values of the ESC of Central Ohio.

Make optimum use of all available resources.

Provide programs and services that improve outcomes for students.