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Superintendent's Note

ESC Prioritizing Language Services

Central Ohio boasts a diverse and growing population of individuals from many different cultures and backgrounds, all with differing life experiences and knowledge. This fact has created the need for our governmental organizations and schools to communicate in multiple languages, but securing a qualified interpreter at just the right moment can be difficult and accessing translated documents can be time-consuming and complex. There also are certain times throughout the school year that demand a high number of interpreters in various languages. Due to these issues and more, the ESC of Central Ohio has been pursuing a solution for language services, in hopes of being able to support the schools we work with as best as possible.

We are launching expanded services in partnership with Martti as the exclusive provider of its educational interpreter and translation services. The ESC, with Martti, will provide two-way video communication with an interpreter, over the phone interpreting and translation services, and more. This new and comprehensive model of communication will allow bilingual aides and paraprofessionals to spend more time with students. Teachers will also be able to communicate more effectively with families who speak various languages and administrators can welcome new families at student registration with translated documents and immediate access to an interpreter of any language. Conferences, advising, IEP meetings and phone calls to and from families will all benefit greatly from Martti’s services.

Our partnership with Martti is only one sample of our dedication to English Learners (EL). With the recent hire of a coordinator for EL services, we are placing the academic and social success of ELs as a high priority. These students and their families bring many assets to our schools and communities. Through enhanced communication strategies, parent and family engagement, teacher trainings, coaching, collaborative networking on local issues and other professional development opportunities, we can better tap into those assets and encourage a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

We look forward to hearing others’ success stories, along with new ideas that are being generated as the ESC expands its EL services in support of students.

Tom Goodney



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