Achieve Online

The ESC's Achieve Online is a program created for member districts to provide students with part-time or full-time online learning options for both credit and credit recovery while also allowing them to remain enrolled in their local school districts. This program offers students the opportunity to earn a local diploma and participate in sports and extra-curricular activities in their school districts while learning at home. School districts benefit from retaining student enrollment by providing students with a high-quality alternative to full-time, in-person learning from a trusted, service-focused educational partner located in Ohio.


Achieve Online has partnered with Apex Learning to deliver a full, online, standards-aligned curriculum for students in grades 6-12. Students can choose from more than 100 offerings in language arts, math, science, social studies, world languages, electives, and AP courses. As part of Achieve Online’s partnership with Apex, students will also be provided with access to course tutorials that can be launched for just-in-time, adaptive remediation in core subject areas and as preparation for end-of-course tests.

Student Support

What sets the Achieve Online apart from others is its built-in team of support specialists and commitment to ensuring that all students experience success.

All online courses are facilitated by Ohio licensed teachers. These teachers serve as subject matter experts, assess assignments, provide feedback, and offer virtual tutoring during scheduled office hours.  

An added benefit of Achieve Online is the support of a Learning Coach. As employees of the ESC, these staff members serve as the first and main point of contact for students, families, and school district representatives. Learning Coaches are committed to the success of all students. They assist with course selection and registration, provide course orientation and technical support, and engage with students, families, and/or districts in goal setting and progress monitoring.

**: With the exception of some world language instructors from the Apex Learning Virtual School (ALVS) certified to teach in Ohio.


Technology is included in the course fee.


  • What is the cost to enroll a student in Achieve Online? 
    • You pay $750 for your first Achieve Online course and only $300 for every subsequent course.
  • How do students enroll in Achieve Online?
    • Students interested in Achieve Online should contact their assigned guidance counselor in their district of residence about enrollment.
  • How can students contact their Achieve Online teachers?
    • Achieve Online teachers can be reached by email. They are also available virtually during their scheduled office hours.
  • How can students contact their Achieve Online Learning Coach?
    • Learning Coaches can be reached by phone (Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.) and by email.  
  • What courses are available to Achieve Online students through Apex Learning?
    • Achieve Online students may choose from more than 100 fully online courses from Apex Learning. View available course options in the Apex Learning Course Catalog.
  • Is Achieve Online a school?
    • No. It is a program offered by the ESC of Central Ohio for its member districts. Students remain enrolled in their local school district.
  • What kind of support can students, families, and school district representatives expect from the team at Achieve Online?
    • Achieve Online provides multi-tiered support. A Learning Coach is assigned to each student enrolled in Achieve Online. The Learning Coach serves as the first and main point of contact for students, families, and school district representatives. Additionally, courses are facilitated by Ohio licensed teachers. Learning Coaches are employed by the ESC of Central Ohio.
  • Does Achieve Online provide a computer and high-speed Internet connection?
    • Technology is included in the course fee.
  • Can students enrolled in Achieve Online still participate in school district-sponsored events?
    • Yes. Since students remain enrolled in their local school districts, they should be able to continue to participate in district-sponsored events. Students should, however, contact a representative in their local school district to determine their eligibility for participation.  
  • Are Achieve Online teachers licensed to teach in Ohio?
    • Yes. Achieve Online teachers are licensed to teach in Ohio.
  • Does Achieve Online issue report cards?
    • No. Report cards are issued by the local school district of record. Final grades will be reported to local school districts after students have completed their courses. Families and school district representatives can monitor students’ academic progress on an ongoing basis.
  • What computer skills does a student need to be successful in Achieve Online?
    • It is recommended that students have basic technical skills in order to work effectively and experience success with their online courses. Visit Apex Learning’s website for a list of recommended technical skills for students.

Contact Us

To learn more about Achieve Online, please contact BJ Thaman, Instructional Technology Coordinator, at [email protected] or 614.542.4182.