Aspiring Leaders Program

The ESC's Aspiring Leaders Program was developed to strengthen school district leadership pipelines. Participants meet to get a better understanding of the essential responsibilities, skills, challenges, and rewards associated with school administration from a practitioner’s perspective.

This program allows school leaders to:
  • Explore typical duties of a building administrator to help them make an informed decision relative to entering a principal-preparation program;
  • Enhance leadership skills and recognize personal strengths and weaknesses;
  • Interact with current building and district administrators;
  • Complete a leadership project on behalf of their school or district; and
  • Increase their knowledge and skills around the Ohio Principal Standards.


Starting in January 2021, you’re encouraged to nominate educators in your district and/or buildings to help them take the first step toward becoming a school administrator. Additionally, we invite educators to send the nomination form link to their supervisors if they’re interested in joining the program.

Meeting Dates and Times

Wednesday, February 10
Wednesday, March 3
Wednesday, April 7
Wednesday, May 5
Wednesday, June 9*
*Possible in-person meeting

All meetings will take place from 4:00-5:00 pm via Zoom.


The cost is $50 per participant. Seats in this program are limited. However, we would like to have at least one participant per ESC of Central Ohio member district.

Note: Participation must be approved by superintendents and/or their designees. Districts will be invoiced at a rate of $50 per person.


For more information, please contact [email protected].