Gifted Institute


The ESC's Gifted Institute consists of four 15-hour online courses which comply with revised state requirements (see below).

For each course, graduates will receive a Gifted Institute certificate, and by adding the course to their IPDP, become qualified service providers for gifted students. Facilitators of this course have gifted endorsement and direct teaching experience.

*Ashland University graduate credit will also be available for an additional fee.
*If courses are taken for Ashland credit and the educator wishes to work on the gifted endorsement through Ashland, the first endorsement course, Nature and Needs, will be waived.

Course Details

Course One | Gifted 101 (15 contact hours) (It is recommended that this course be taken first.)
  • Learn about the various changes within the state of Ohio pertaining to gifted, identification areas and details, and understanding various components of gifted-identified individuals including characteristics and intellectual nuances.  With this knowledge and understanding, review your district and building report card data and dig deeper to explore various needs to properly address and serve this student population to ensure academic growth.  This course will award 15 hours of gifted training toward the 60-hour four-year requirement.

Course Two | Differentiation and Depth & Complexity 101 (15 contact hours)

  • Learn techniques for gifted learners to differentiate their instruction complete with understanding ways to utilize pre-assessment and other data.  Also learn to offer specific differentiated instruction focused on higher-order thinking and depth and complexity including assistance with rebooting an existing lesson.  This course will award 15 hours of gifted training toward the 60-hour four-year requirement.

Course Three | Social and Emotional and the World of Gifted (15 contact hours)

  • Learn about the social and emotional needs of gifted learners including over-excitabilities, existential depression, perfectionism, over-achievement, anxiety, and underachievement to name a few.  With this knowledge and understanding, explore actionable goal development for social-emotional support for Written Education Plans (WEPs).  This course will award 15 hours of gifted training toward the 60-hour four-year requirement.

Course Four | Twice Exceptional and Underrepresented Gifted Learners  (15 contact hours)

  • Learn about underrepresented gifted populations in schools and how to best capture and serve them.  You will also learn about twice-exceptional learners with their dual diagnoses as well as the misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis that may happen.  Explore the dimensions of cognitive style and various disabilities.  With this knowledge and understanding, you'll develop actionable goals to strengthen their growth, not only academically, but most importantly as a whole child.  This course will award 15 hours of gifted training toward the 60-hour four-year requirement.

District and School Teams

Have a large number of staff interested in taking our Gifted Institute courses?  Contact us for more information.

Ohio's Gifted Operating Standards

The State of Ohio Gifted Operating Standards have been revised to recognize the importance of supporting professional development for general education classroom teachers. The requirements for earning an Educator Gifted Academy certificate include coursework in the areas of nature and needs and curriculum and instruction of and for gifted students.


Gifted and Talented Student Services Coordinator