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ESC's Equity Committee Recognized

Sierra Austin-King; Ellie Asher; Katie Robinson; Jinnae Buchanan

On Tuesday, October 11, the ESC’s Equity Committee was recognized for its graphic design work in the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Center for Design and Architecture (CFAD) describes the initiative as this: 

“Voices of Design is a new initiative created by The Center for Architecture & Design. The mission of CFAD is to make architecture and design accessible to all. We imagine a future Columbus that values architecture and design, genuinely representing the breadth and diversity of our community. As the next evolution of our mission, Voices of Design will be a free, annual publication distributed through 614NOW magazine featuring a jury-selected collection of projects, programs, and initiatives that amplify the impact of design in Columbus.”

Dr. Sierra Austin-King (pictured far left), who leads the Equity Committee, had this to say during the award reception:  

“I’d like to acknowledge and deeply, deeply thank our internal equity committee and design team members, who are also here this evening - Jinnae Buchanan (pictured far right), Katie Robinson (pictured second from right), and Ellie Asher (pictured second from left).  On behalf of our team, I’d also like to thank the Center for Architecture and Design, as well as coordinators and jurors of Voices of Design for recognizing our efforts to promote principles of DEI, anti-racism, accessibility, justice, and belonging in our workplace.

The pieces selected this evening were curated out of a deep desire to bring about awareness and to highlight all of the identities and lived experiences that make our staff, students and community unique. To be involved in this project has meant constantly interrogating issues of power, privilege, and intersectionality in absolutely everything we do. This work has obviously required collaboration, but it has also required a great deal of unwavering bravery and fortitude and a commitment to institutional change. It has opened the door for courageous conversations about policy and practice, and has helped to move our organization forward along our continuous journey to equity.”

Katie Robinson, also a member of the Equity Committee, said “Our work on the equity committee has been and continues to be important to lift the voices of those who are underrepresented within the ESC and the communities we serve. This project, in particular, has been enjoyable because it brings together information and art to give people something eye catching and informative.”

The ESC is proud to support the work that is being done by the Equity Committee and its effects on the workplace and the educators it serves.  

To view the submitted project and to learn more about the showcase, see here:

Watch the video regarding the project that premiered at the awards reception and features two Equity Committee members here: 

To learn more or for questions, please contact Dr. Sierra Austin-King at [email protected].

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