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New Skills ready network Releases 2021-22 Snapshot

New skills ready network; 2020-21 snapshot; Columbus, Ohio

The New Skills ready network, launched by JPMorgan Chase & Co. in 2020, intends to bolster their efforts to support an inclusive economic recovery, as part of both their $350 million, five-year New Skills at Work initiative to prepare people for the future of work and their new $30 billion commitment to advance racial equity. Advance CTE and Education Strategy Group are working with sites to improve student completion of high-quality career pathways in six US communities, including Columbus, Ohio. These sites are formulating new partnerships between local school systems, higher education, employers, and government entities to develop pathways and policy recommendations that give underserved students access to higher education and real-world work experiences that lead to high-wage, in-demand jobs.

This snapshot provides an overview of the Columbus site's accomplishments in the second year of the New Skills ready network initiative, including the development of priority objectives and action steps toward those objectives. In 2021-22, the Columbus team focused on:
  • Building and aligning cross-sector structures;
  • Mapping and selecting identified equitable career pathways; and
  • Strengthening communication with learners and families.
Members of the Columbus site team include Ohio Excels (site lead), Columbus City Schools, Columbus State Community College, the Ohio Department of Education, the Ohio Department of Higher Education, and The Ohio State University. The ESC of Central Ohio supports the work by providing project management services for Columbus City Schools. ESC staff also are serving on several work groups, supporting needed action steps, and assisting with budgeting and communications. 

To view the 2021-22 Snapshot for Columbus, please see here:

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