Curriculum Leaders' Network
Starting 12/15/2021 at 9:00 AM until 10:00 AM
Event Groups:
• Central Office & State Support Team 11 - Assessment & Instruction
• Central Office & State Support Team 11 - Literacy
• Central Office & State Support Team 11 - Networks
• Central Office & State Support Team 11 - Ohio's Learning Standards
• Central Office & State Support Team 11 - Specialized Learning Needs

Step 1 in Understanding Ohio's Dyslexia Support Laws. Tricia will be sharing a preview of the Guidebook that will be rolled out by ODE in response to HB 436 (the dyslexia legislation). The decision making in the Guidebook for districts will be completed by the end of December as mandated in legislation, however publication of the information may not roll out until February. Tricia and Beth Hess from the Office of Approaches to Teaching and Professional Learning are kind enough to give us a sneak peek for our planning purposes. Tricia will focus information on what has been finalized from the committee as it relates to assessment and professional development. She will also be able to answer questions around what is mandated and what is recommended in terms of district decision making as it relates to what has been decided. This hour will be a time to reflect, provide feedback, and ask questions as it relates to the topics shared.
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