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ESC of Central Ohio Pilots SAFE Program with South-Western City Schools
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Franklin County Public Health recently awarded the ESC of Central Ohio a three-year grant to pilot the Substance Abuse Family Education (SAFE) program in all South-Western City Schools high schools and West High School in the Columbus City Schools.

What is the SAFE Program?

SAFE is an evidence-based, prevention-intervention program that helps teens and adults examine and gently challenge their choices, beliefs, and attitudes that can directly contribute to high-risk alcohol and drug use.

Through monthly, week-long workshops our experts help create an atmosphere where people feel safe to openly explore and inwardly examine how their choices can affect their lives. SAFE workshops use the Prime for Life® model, which is based on 28 years of research to effectively interrupt the progression of the use of alcohol or drugs. 

The Prime for Life curriculum is based on objective, documented research and not on opinion, exaggerations or scare tactics.

Benefits of the SAFE Program

  • Gives students and parents knowledge on how to reduce their risks of alcohol, tobacco and drug related problems in their lives
  • Helps to reduce recidivism in some cases
  • Focuses on self-assessment to help students and parents understand and accept the need for change
  • Serves as pre-treatment and support for abstinence for those participants who already need treatment
  • Enhances the learning experience by presenting information in a variety of methods including interactive presentations, small group discussions, workbooks, videos and audio clips
  • Helps change high-risk attitudes, beliefs, risk perceptions and behaviors

Pilot Program with South-Western City Schools
The ESC of Central Ohio will work with South-Western City Schools to incorporate program coordinators who will oversee and run the program at all South-Western City Schools high schools and West High School.

During the first year of the grant, program coordinators will work to become official program trainers so they can provide trainings in their respected buildings in year two of the grant. During year two, trainers will begin working in the feeder middle schools to build staff capacity and ensure program sustainability after the grant period expires.


Want to Bring SAFE to Your Schools?
Contact Neeley Keys at [email protected]