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ESC Welcomes New Employees to Support Central Ohio Schools in 20-21

The ESC of Central Ohio is proud to support Central Ohio districts and schools for the 2020-2021 school year. To enhance our services, we are excited to welcome many new hires this year and returning employees in new roles. A majority of our hires are providing direct support throughout the region and working in schools. Please join us in giving our employees a warm welcome.

BJ T - Instructional Technology Coordinator
Liz C - Instructional Technology Consultant
Tamekia J – Administrative Assistant 
Taylor E - Ohio Math Corps Coordinator
Hannah B - AmeriCorps Mentors for Success Coordinator
Drew A - Social Worker
Carine M - Social Worker
Sydney D - Teacher Assistant
Curtis W - Special Education Teacher
Nilanjana K - Teacher Assistant
Sanetria C - Administrative Assistant 
Lily L - Elementary Intervention Specialist 
Katie U - Intermediate Intervention Specialist
Aaron C - High School Intervention Specialist
Jill G - Middle School Teaching Assistant
Dan P - Assistant Coordinator
Tia J - Regional Literacy Specialist for Urban Support
Juakita B - Regional Early Literacy Specialist
Kim K - Benefits Supervisor
Kari J - Administrative Assistant 
Valerie J - Consultant for Gifted Services
Sanetria C - Admirative Assistant for Ventures II
Mindy C - SOS Team Instructional Consultant
Julie R - SOS Team Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Katie O - Intervention Specialist
Cortney R - Literacy Specialist
Kara S - EPSEA Educational Liaison
Justin M - EPSEA Educational Liaison
Alex C - Secondary Transition and Workforce Manager
Augusta F - AEM Project Assistant
Greg L - Creative Producer/Strategist
Eric P - Motion Designer & Strategic Video Editor
Kate Wallace - SOS Team Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Lindsay A - Intervention Specialist 
Kelley B - Coordinator
Kristen C - Speech Language Pathologist
Ryan C - Intervention Specialist
Suzanne D - School Psychologist
Dawnetta D - Teacher Assistant
Danielle D - Speech Language Pathologist
Marissa G - Occupational Therapist
Collin G - Teacher Assistant
Alexis G - Occupational Therapist
Michelle H - Teacher Assistant
Kelli H - Interpreter
Cassandra H - School Psychologist
Erin J - Intervention Specialist
Shayla K - Teacher of the Deaf
Emily L - Intervention Specialist
Amber L - Intervention Specialist
Michele M - Intervention Specialist
Laura M - Intervention Specialist
Terri M - Teacher Assistant
Carine M - Social Worker
Molly M - Teacher Assistant
Patricia M - Intervention Specialist
Elizabeth N - Teacher of the Deaf
Felicity P - Intervention Specialist
Jacqueline P - Teacher Assistant
Todd P – Principal 
Kelby P - Intervention Specialist
Sarah R - Intervention Specialist
Aaron R - Occupational Therapist
Bridget R - Teacher Assistant
Lucy R - Teacher Assistant
Jocelyn S - Teacher Assistant
Brooke S - Intervention Specialist
Tabassum T - Intervention Specialist
Kianna T - Teacher Assistant
Tabitha U - Teacher Assistant
Jessica V - Intervention Specialist
Taylor W - Teacher Assistant
Jessica W - Physical Therapist
Melissa W - Intervention Specialist
David W - School Psychologist
Abigail W - Intervention Specialist
Lauren Z- Occupational Therapist

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