2020 Equity Institute
Starting 10/20/2020
Event Groups:
• Central Office & State Support Team 11 - Classroom Culture
• Central Office & State Support Team 11 - Equity
• Central Office & State Support Team 11 - Networks
• Central Office & State Support Team 11 - Student Supports
To register, please contact [email protected]
The 2020 Equity Institute provides you with a safe space to explore ways to achieve educational equity in our schools and districts with your colleagues and peers. In district teams of five or more, you'll learn ways to reflect on, establish, and reinforce equity practices amongst school staff that allow students to achieve to the best of their ability.
As a participant you will:
  • Strengthen your knowledge, attitudes, skills, and practices to create culturally responsive learning environments;
  • Develop strategies toward equity goals; and
  • Receive expert guidance and facilitation to address gaps and challenges in educational equity efforts.

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