Now Hiring for Job Positions throughout Central Ohio
The ESC is now hiring for educator positions including intervention specialists, teaching assistants, substitute staff and more in schools throughout the Central Ohio region - some of which now include a $1500 early commitment incentive.

Project Zero

The ESC is working with the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Project Zero and several Central Ohio school districts to develop “cultures of thinking” –  communities where a group’s collective and individual thinking is valued, visible and actively promoted every day.  Program participants will explore the eight cultural forces present in every group learning situation: language, time, environment, routines, modeling, interactions, expectations and how they influence the group’s cultural dynamic. Using these eight forces as levers of transformation, participants will look at practical ways they can create a culture of thinking in their classrooms and across their schools and organizations.

Visible Thinking, a research-based approach developed by Project Zero and used across subjects and settings worldwide, has two goals – to deepen content learning and to cultivate students’ thinking skills and thinking dispositions. The Project Zero training will focus on three themes at the heart of Visible Thinking: thinking routines, thinking dispositions, and documentation of student thinking.  Participants will explore relevant research, learn to integrate Visible Thinking into their curriculum and assessment, and try out practices in their own classroom. The participants will be provided with ongoing support through modeling of practice, materials, feedback, and sharing of best practices between cohort members.

The program is funded with support from the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

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