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Workforce Readiness Collaborative

Fostering a Generation of Skilled Students Ready to Work

Before students transition beyond high school, equipping them with more than theoretical knowledge is imperative. Workforce readiness programs act as a bridge, seamlessly connecting the educational foundations acquired in classrooms to the practical demands of the workforce.

In partnership with local schools and the business community, ESC’s Central Ohio Workforce Readiness Collaborative offers work-based learning programs that transcend traditional classroom boundaries, cultivating a generation of young adults with the practical acumen required to enter the workforce successfully.

ESC Bridges Education and Employment

The ESC is dedicated to fostering the growth of educators and students alike. That’s because it’s essential to have an organization at the forefront of educational innovation, ensuring students receive academic knowledge plus real-world insights and certifications that propel them forward in the modern-day workforce.

Through strategic partnerships, cutting-edge resources, and a deep understanding of the local job market, the ESC tailors educational programs to meet the specific needs of Central Ohio's industries, shaping a workforce proficient in both academics and regional job market complexities.

Demand for Skilled Workers Is on the Rise

According to recent reports from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, demand for skilled workers in industries including manufacturing, healthcare, and technology is rising significantly. But recent surveys by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce reveal that employers are facing challenges in finding qualified talent to fill critical positions.

To meet these demands, Central Ohio must cultivate a workforce that is not only educated, but possesses the specialized skills required by emerging industries.

Participating Employers Get First Access to Top Talent

When local business leaders get involved in ESC’s Central Ohio Workforce Readiness Collaborative, they not only influence curriculum; they also get first access to top talent. Why wait until the leaders of tomorrow graduate high school? Instead, begin cultivating relationships and creating opportunities when students are just starting to think about their futures. Time is money, and ESC makes it easy for business leaders to develop mutually beneficial opportunities with local school districts that deliver a strong ROI. 

G&J Pepsi-Cola Bottlers, Inc.
  • G&J Pepsi was proud and excited to host a student through the High School Tech Internship Program from Canal Winchester High School. Throughout the internship, our student was exposed to a variety of skills including networking, security, help desk support, app development, and data engineering along with overall business skills that came from working with us.  Canal Winchester High School and Sandy Thomaschek have done great work in preparing the students for IT careers and as a result, the student was able to have a positive impact very quickly.  These opportunities for getting students additional skills and exposure to working environments are critical for their future success.
Worthington Industries
  • I think the benefits for the future workforce are just unlimited because of this program. I think it's super important to get in front of students at an earlier age are super instrumental in introducing them to pathways or careers that they might not have been thinking about before this program when you participate Worthington industries we have benefited from our partnership with them in the past and we would definitely be interested in doing this it is valuable for our for our staff and our employees to talk with educators to they're experiences and it's important for teachers to understand our industry as well as others that are available in the Columbus and central Ohio area.
ESC of Central Ohio Business Advisory Council
The ESC of Central Ohio’s Business Advisory Council serves as a regional hub for area schools and businesses. During quarterly meetings, the Business Advisory Council focuses on three quality practices: Developing Professional Skills and Futures Careers; Building Partnerships; and Coordinating Experiences. These practices focus the work to impact student experiences throughout the region. 

Learn More about the Business Advisory Council

Youth Internships & Pre-Apprenticeship Programs
These initiatives provide students with hands-on experience in various industries. By partnering with local businesses, internship and pre-apprenticeship programs offer a direct pathway for students to acquire practical skills and insights into their chosen fields.

Learn More about Pre-Apprenticeship Supports

Professional Development for Educators
These initiatives aim to provide educators with the most current industry trends and teaching methodologies. By doing so, these programs ensure that educators are well-equipped to prepare students effectively for the evolving demands of the modern job market.

Learn More about Educator Professional Development

Work-Based Learning Ecosystems

High school students can earn coveted certifications while still attending high school, making them marketable and ready for the workforce immediately upon graduation, if not sooner. 

Learn More about Work-Based Learning Ecosystems

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