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Open Job Interview Days at the ESC
Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of students? 
Join us on March 26, April 11 or May 7 for open job interviews. We’re hiring intervention specialists and related services professionals across the Central Ohio region. 

Our Agency

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About the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio

The Educational Service Center of Central Ohio (ESC) provides school districts and schools with professional development, technology, human resource, and administrative supports, and direct student services that help improve student learning, enhance the quality of instruction, expand equitable access to resources, and maximize operating and fiscal efficiencies.  

We serve 30 client school districts, including three career technical centers, in Delaware, Franklin, Licking, Madison, Marion, Morrow, Ross, and Union counties, with over 225,000+ students impacted. In addition to these districts and schools, the ESC is able to provide support to any school or district, even if they're not a client district. We also partner with the state of Ohio to provide supports and services regionally and statewide. We’ve provided over 133,000 hours of professional learning and placed over 3,200 active substitutes in schools. We’re happy to help districts and schools however we can! 


What Are ESCs? 

All ESCs started the same way, as county boards of education in 1914! The General Assembly created the Ohio Educational Regional Service System and positioned ESCs to serve as the channel and delivery system for Ohio’s statewide school improvement and education reform efforts. Under this law, ESCs implement state- and federally-funded initiatives assigned to them by the General Assembly and the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce.  

ESCs are classified as... 

  • local political subdivisions 

  • school districts under state law  

  • local education agencies or LEAs under federal law 

In the spirit of maintaining local control of public schools, ESCs work under the oversight of a locally elected Governing Board. The day-to-day operations of ESCs are conducted by ESC superintendents, treasurers, and other administrators.  

To learn more about ESCs, visit the Ohio ESC Association website



Superintendent's Office

Tom Goodney, Superintendent

Elaine Organ, Administrative Assistant to Superintendent

Gale Marsh, Deputy Superintendent

Treasurer/CFO's Office

David Varda, Treasurer/CFO   

Dave Weaver, Assistant Treasurer

Achievement and Leadership Services

The Center for Achievement and Leadership builds capacity, seeks equity, innovates and finds solutions to challenges facing our partners. We strive to impact the future of education by providing fully-customized experiences to meet each district, school or partner's unique needs through a comprehensive suite of services in leadership development, diversity and equity, research and data, curriculum and instruction, and assessment literacy. Along with professional networks, grant acquisition, strategic planning, and project management services, we offer professional learning and coaching for educators and instructional leaders at all levels.

Robb Gonda, Director of College and Career Success and Equity

John Kellogg, Superintendent-in-Residence (Leadership Services)

Jill Reinhart, Director of Literacy and Learning

Business Services

The Center for Business Services offers transparent business-oriented support to school districts and agencies that offer cost-effective solutions for work in the educational community. The center provides business and accounting expertise through a wide-range of services including contracts, invoicing, revenue and budgetary accounting services as well as payroll and benefits such as insurances and federal and state program accounting.

David Varda, Treasurer/CFO

Dave Weaver, Assistant Treasurer

Tammy Rizzo, Director of ESC-COG Fiscal Services

Client Services

Client Services Representatives serve as the center’s single point of accountability with districts, agencies and other clients. The representatives provide leadership for assessing client needs and implementing service plans that address those needs, including the meeting of programmatic, service and financial expectations for each client.

Dan Good, Associate Superintendent

John Kellogg, Superintendent-in-Residence

Wade Lucas, Client Services Representative 

Aron Ross, Client Services Representative


The Office of Communications offers a range of printing options in the Publication Center along with communications and public relations services to school districts and nonprofit organizations. Communication services can range from one-time material production to on-going collaborations aligned to specific objectives.

Joe Weitz, Director of Communications, Policy & Grants Advancement

Ellie Asher, Brand and Marketing Specialist 

Brenna Schoen, Social Media and Communications Specialist

Dwayne Stout, Publication Center

Early Childhood Services

The ESC’s Director of Early Childhood plans, implements, and monitors a regional strategy to promote equitable access to high-quality early childhood education for all students.
Ann Lockett, Director of Early Childhood

Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources provides services to school districts and other agencies. Customers utilize the ESC and the Educational Service Center Council Of Governments (ESC-COG) as a Professional Employer Organization for typical employee leasing functions. The center’s HR staff supports a wide range of employee recruitment, hiring and on-boarding services.

Jennifer Iceman, Human Resources Director

Robin Halley, Human Resources Coordinator

Student Services

The Center for Student Services assists districts in meeting the needs of students with disabilities from preschool to post-high school transition. With programs to help students with multiple disabilities, autism, social-emotional and behavioral conditions as well as visual and hearing impairments, the center is a partner to Central Ohio school districts, operating more than 60 classrooms and serving approximately 700 students.

Cindy Eldridge, Executive Director

Lynn Brannon, Director

Ramel Mitchell, Associate Director

Technology & Digital Learning Services

The Center for Technology and Digital Learning assists districts in meeting technology requests and offers expertise in one-to-one computing guidance, Google Apps for Education, Apple, and Microsoft Office. The staff supports the technology needs of the ESC, as well as school districts.  In addition, it offers a Help Desk that is supported with specialists in all areas of technology.

Lori Dray, Director of Technology and Digital Learning

Dan Adkins, Assistant Director of Technology & Digital Learning