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Future Forward Ohio | Central Ohio

In partnership with the Ohio Department of Education (ODE), the ESC is using federal funds to help students recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a focus on students who experienced the greatest disruptions to learning. These state-supported initiatives are part of ODE's Future Forward Ohio. The three strategies the initiative coordinates to facilitate student success include:
  1. Overcoming Obstacles to Learning | Addressing barriers that prevent students from engaging in learning, such as attendance, health, mental health and high-speed internet access.
  2. Accelerating Learning | Providing more, and more effective, opportunities to learn through programs like after-school and summer programming, tutoring and supporting districts in using high-quality instructional materials.
  3. Preparing Students for Future Success | Helping students rediscover their “why” for learning and more smoothly transition to their next stages through career and college connections.
Below are examples of the work the ESC has initiated to support educators and student success.
Rise Up Program Partnership with Goodwill Columbus
Partnering with school districts to help students earn workforce credentials. 
Career Development & Advancement Program with Higher Education Partners
Increasing the pool of high-quality teachers in local special education classrooms by assisting individuals with earning an intervention specialist license at no cost.
Game-Based Learning with Heroes League
Game-based learning platform teaching success skills to elementary students outside of the classroom and on their own time.
Project Innovation
Developing educators' use of design thinking and problem-based learning through inquiry-based, hands-on learning experiences for their students.
Behavioral Supports & Development
Providing pathways for paraprofessionals to attain credentials and the skills necessary to support the behavioral needs of students.
Smart Mobility Activities with DriveOhio
Implementing smart mobility activities into school classrooms or after-school programs.
Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Supports with Grant Us Hope
Providing a suite of evidenced-based programming focused on creating communities of leadership and advocacy that enhance mental wellness, trauma support, safety and suicide prevention in schools.
Learn more here and on the ESC Connect blog.
Student Virtual Tools for Work-Based Learning Opportunities
Bringing job opportunities to students through new virtual tools.
Partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio to grow this program in Delaware County, providing support and resources to high school students as they work towards graduation.
Supporting Literacy with Content Area Specialists
Providing professional development, coaching, facilitation, and resources in the areas of dyslexia, foundational literacy, adolescent literacy and literacy assessment.
Spoken Word Poetry Project
Partnering on a year-long spoken word poetry project led by poet-educator Peter Kahn including a year-end capstone event called "Schooled on Poetry."

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