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Staff Directory

Dan Adkins
Adkins, Dan
ESC Technology Coordinator
Megan Aluise
Aluise, Megan
Special Education Coordinator
Megan Ash
Ash, Megan
Coordinator of Digital Learning and Training
Eileen Asher
Asher, Eileen
Brand and Marketing Specialist
Sierra Austin
Austin, Sierra
Regional School Improvement Coordinator for Diversity and Equity
Rick Bailey
Bailey, Rick
Human Resources Director
Hannah Baise
Baise, Hannah
AmeriCorps Mentors for Success Coordinator
Kelley Barber
Barber, Kelley
Douglas Behnke
Behnke, Douglas
ESC-COG Substitute Coordinator
Brooke Bovenizer
Bovenizer, Brooke
Executive Secretary
Lynn Brannon
Brannon, Lynn
Monica Brown
Brown, Monica
Regional School Improvement Coordinator for Curriculum and Instructional Support
Jinnae Buchanan
Buchanan, Jinnae
Executive Secretary
Jenny Buck
Buck, Jenny
Ohio Reading Corp Regional Coordinator
Mindy Cain
Cain, Mindy
SOS Team
Dianne Cardosi
Cardosi, Dianne
ESC Fiscal Specialist
Melissa Cole
Cole, Melissa
ESC Speech Language Pathologist
ESC Communications
Communications, ESC
Libby Costin
Costin, Libby
ESC Transition Specialist
Susan Cronin
Cronin, Susan
Administrative Assistant
Liz Curtis
Curtis, Liz
Instructional Technology Consultant
Sheila Damren
Damren, Sheila
ESC Occupational Therapist
Jacqueline Dieter
Dieter, Jacqueline
Business Services Consultant
Lori Dray
Dray, Lori
Director of Technology and Digital Learning
Robin Ducay
Ducay, Robin
Fiscal Specialist
Kim Edwards
Edwards, Kim
Human Resources Representative
Taylor Elder
Elder, Taylor
Ohio Math Corps Coordinator
Joyce Ellis
Ellis, Joyce
Administrative Assistant
Mohamed Elsayed
Elsayed, Mohamed
Technology Specialist
Jack Fisher
Fisher, Jack
Technology Specialist
Angela Gale
Gale, Angela
ESC Speech Language Pathologist
Christine Galvin
Galvin, Christine
Director of College and Career Success
Lindsay Gibbs
Gibbs, Lindsay
ESC Special Education Coordinator
Janet Gillig
Gillig, Janet
Executive Director Center for Student Services
Robb Gonda
Gonda, Robb
Community School Coordinator/School Improvement Facilitator
Dan Good
Good, Dan
Client Services Representative
Tom Goodney
Goodney, Tom
Matthew Goodwin
Goodwin, Matthew
Communications Assistant
John Hambrick
Hambrick, John
Work Based Learning Coordinator
Diane Hammers
Hammers, Diane
Fiscal Specialist
Jean Hanna
Hanna, Jean
Human Resources Representative
Barbara Harden
Harden, Barbara
Business Operations Manager
Dale Harden
Harden, Dale
Van Driver
Cathy Heidelberg
Heidelberg, Cathy
Coordinator, State Trainings
Alyce Heminger
Heminger, Alyce
Administrative Assistant
Kathy Henderson
Henderson, Kathy
Fiscal Specialist
Jackie Howard
Howard, Jackie
Fiscal Specialist
Tamekia Jackson
Jackson, Tamekia
Administrative Assistant
Erica James
James, Erica
EPSEA Program Manager
Valerie Jasinski
Jasinski, Valerie
Gifted Services Consultant
Kari Jenkins
Jenkins, Kari
Administrative Assistant
Megan Johanson
Johanson, Megan
Data Analysis and Insights Manager
Bridget Kardasz
Kardasz, Bridget
Administrative Assistant
Kimberly Kelso
Kelso, Kimberly
Fiscal Specialist
Neeley Keys
Keys, Neeley
ESC Mental Health Specialist
Jill Kramer
Kramer, Jill
Teacher on Special Assignment
Jenny Lamp
Lamp, Jenny
Special Education Coordinator
Bonnie Lange
Lange, Bonnie
Accounts Receivable Billing Manager
Marie Langenkamp
Langenkamp, Marie
James Lewis
Lewis, James
School Court Liaison
Wade Lucas
Lucas, Wade
Client Services Representative
Regina Lukich
Lukich, Regina
Director of Program Resources
Jacklyn Main
Main, Jacklyn
Fiscal Specialist
Karla Manter
Manter, Karla
ESC Financial Manager
James Marion
Marion, James
Community School Coordinator
Megan Mastrobuono
Mastrobuono, Megan
Special Education Coordinator
Melissa McCormick
McCormick, Melissa
Accounting Supervisor
Melanie McGue
McGue, Melanie
Regional School Inprovement Coordinator for School Transformational Support
Amanda Meadows
Meadows, Amanda
ESC Speech Language Pathologist
Kristin Morgan
Morgan, Kristin
Manager Payroll
Sheryl Nevil
Nevil, Sheryl
Data Systems Supervisor
Sean Noe
Noe, Sean
Ohio Reading Corps Project Coordinator
David Nosker
Nosker, David
ESC-COG Assistant Substitute Coordinator
Patti Olson
Olson, Patti
Human Resources Representative
Elaine Organ
Organ, Elaine
Administrative Assistant
Ronda Partlow
Partlow, Ronda
ESC Fiscal Specialist
Melissa Pfaltzgraf
Pfaltzgraf, Melissa
ESC Executive Secretary
Tyler Pherson
Pherson, Tyler
ESC Technology Specialist
Melissa Radde
Radde, Melissa
Human Resources Representative
Marcy Raymond
Raymond, Marcy
Director - Central Ohio College & Career Success Network
Tom Reed
Reed, Tom
Director of Data, Research & Grants Advancement
Tammy Rizzo
Rizzo, Tammy
Director of Fiscal Services
Aron Ross
Ross, Aron
Client Services Representative
Angie Ruhe
Ruhe, Angie
ESC Speech Language Pathologist
Shannon Ryker
Ryker, Shannon
ESC Communication Specialist
Michelle Savage
Savage, Michelle
Administrative Assistant
Stephanie Schlegel
Schlegel, Stephanie
Associate Director of Student Services
Rachel Scofield
Scofield, Rachel
Assistant Printer
Sophia Speelman
Speelman, Sophia
Community School Coordinator
Jaime Stewart
Stewart, Jaime
Payroll Supervisor
Scott Stewart
Stewart, Scott
Coordinator Secondary Principals' Network
Dwayne Stout
Stout, Dwayne
Andrea Summers
Summers, Andrea
Family & Community Partnerships Liaison
Bryant Tela
Tela, Bryant
SOS Team
B.J. Thaman
Thaman, B.J.
Instructional Technology Coordinator
Mike Trego
Trego, Mike
Deputy Superintendent
Nicole Triplett
Triplett, Nicole
ESC Fiscal Specialist
Lara Uher
Uher, Lara
ESC Mental Health Specialist
David Varda
Varda, David
David Weaver
Weaver, David
Assistant Treasurer
Beth Weiser
Weiser, Beth
ESC Occupational Therapist
Joseph Weitz
Weitz, Joseph
Policy & Communications Coordinator
Sharee Wells
Wells, Sharee
Director of Professional Learning
Kathy Williams
Williams, Kathy
Human Resources Representative