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Behavioral Support & Development

The ESC offers pathways for paraprofessionals to attain a Registered Behavior Technician® (RBT®) certification as well as Specialized Behavior Technician (BT) micro-credentialing. These credentials are designed for paraprofessionals to develop the skills necessary to support the behavioral needs of students. 

Registered Behavior Technician® (RBT®) Program

The RBT® program is designed to provide the curriculum and structural support needed to have individuals become certified as Registered Behavior Technicians through the Behavior Analysis Certification Board within a school district. RBT® certification items include Tier 2 and Tier 3 support for students within an MTSS model. 

RBT® Program Details

Phase 1: Coursework & Training
  • Participants will complete the Happy Medium Curriculum emphasizing perspective on neurodiversity, using a trauma-informed lens, identifying values, and noticing and observing personal biases.
  • ESC board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) will provide supplemental “touch-point” meetings with RBT® candidates.
Phase 2: Competency Assessment/RBT® Examination
  • Participants must pass a skills-based competency assessment as administered and scored by the district BCBA or an ESC BCBA.
  • Once coursework and the competency assessment are completed, participants will apply to take the RBT® examination through the BACB.
  • Note: There is a fee when registering for the RBT® examination.  
Phase 3: Maintaining the RBT® Credential
  • To maintain their credential, an RBT® must be supervised for 5% of their monthly hours.
  • Some supervision will be provided outside of school hours during scheduled meetings and check-ins with the district BCBA or the ESC's SOS Team BCBA. (Ongoing RBT® supervision under ESC BCBAs is limited to availability and not guaranteed through this program.)
  • Note: Districts are responsible for creating and maintaining a supervision plan for their RBTs® on staff. There also is an annual renewal fee and new competency assessment administered for maintenance of this credential. 

Specialized Behavior Technician (BT) Micro-Credentialing Program

The BT micro-credentialing program is designed to be a supplemental behavioral intervention training for paraprofessionals within a school building to increase capacity to support the success of all learners. This program is not an RBT® certification pathway but instead provides training related to the RBT® curriculum and task lists through online Canvas modules with ongoing embedded support (see program outline below). Participants have the option of selecting relevant modules based on need and relevance or completing all modules. Participants earn a badge of completion after completing each module.  

Specialized BT Micro-Credentialing Program Details

Phase 1: Online Canvas Modules & Training
  • The district reviews 10 available modules (based on 10 skills from the RBT® task list) designed to build a paraprofessional’s capacity in effectively managing behavior, taking data, and supporting class-wide initiatives. Districts may choose to have paraprofessionals complete all 10 modules or choose those that are most relevant to the building’s needs. (Note: Available modules include: Introduction to ABA in Schools; Integrating Trauma-Informed Practices; Prepare for Data Collection; Conduct Preference Assessments; Implement Prompt and Prompt-Fading Procedures; Implement Token Economy Procedures; Describe Common Functions of Behavior; Implement Differential Reinforcement Procedures; Implement Extinction Procedures; and Maintain Professional Boundaries/Maintain Client Dignity.)
  • Participants complete interactive reflection/assessment activities throughout module completion.
  • Throughout the coursework, participants will have four opportunities to schedule a 30-minute one-to-one or small group meeting with ESC BCBAs and other participants to review questions and touch base on programming.
  • Note: The district provides consent forms to allow the BCBA to give student-specific feedback, if applicable.
Phase 2: Ongoing Embedded Support
  • The ESC's SOS Team BCBA will provide ongoing support to program participants. This may include lesson plan templates for skill acquisition, progress monitoring initiatives, or additional resources and training as applicable for the paraprofessional staff members working through the modules.

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Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Supervision Program

The ESC also assists districts in the recruitment and placement of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). Additionally, the ESC can provide supervision of BCBA candidates. Details of this process may be found on the BACB website.