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All in-person ESC meetings, events, and background check services are postponed or suspended through at least May 29th. Access to ESC offices is limited to essential personnel. Our staff are working remotely and are prepared to assist. Please contact us via email or phone as you normally would and we will respond as soon as possible to provide assistance. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Remote Learning Alliance

Supporting Ohio Educators and Schools in the Transition to Remote Learning
The Remote Learning Alliance is a group of educational organizations committed to the collective impact of helping make the transition to remote learning as easy and robust as possible for Ohio school leaders, teachers, and support personnel. 
To achieve its mission, the alliance leverages all available resources, including:
  • New and exisiting technology;
  • Local and national expertise; and
  • Current and future public funds and grants.

Partners & Services

Dayton Regional STEM Center

The Dayton Regional STEM Center offers high quality online STEM units as well as STEM and Project-Based Learning (PBL) professional development.

Google Classroom

The ESC of Central Ohio offers training on G Suite for Education apps.

Graduation Alliance

Graduation Alliance offers a complete online curriculum, device connection, instruction, and wraparound support options for grades 9 to 12. There are four tiers of instructional options offered from one course to full service. 

Hilliard City Schools

Hilliard City Schools offers course content developed for use with credit denoted.


iLearn offers kindergarten to grade 8 online math curriculum that can be fully prescriptive or teacher guided. This includes diagnostics, screening, and progress monitoring tools.



Modern Teacher

Modern Teacher offers a digital convergence framework that empowers districts to architect and deliver new instructional pathways, at scale.


Newsela offers an instructional content platform providing over 15,000 texts across all subject areas, customized at five different reading levels. With over 100 content partners (The Associated Press, National Geographic,, etc.), Newsela provides a fully comprehensive, differentiated content library for all subject areas from grades 2 to 12. This also includes lesson plans, the ability to track progress, complements to current curricula, and unit guides, all with an emphasis on relevancy and engagement.


ParentSquare offers an all-in-one, two-way communication platform to streamline all school communications, emergency alerts, surveys, social media posts, and more, allowing parents to choose how they want to receive messages (phone, text, app, email).

The PAST Foundation

The PAST Foundation offers their STEMStreaming resources including webinars for educators, podcasts for everyone, and STEM activities for school and home. They also work collaboratively with educators, businesses and industry to co-create innovative strategies designed to provide students relevant and timely online learning opportunities.

Quality Matters

Quality Matters offers a variety of online and face-to-face workshops on the Quality Matters' K-12 Rubric for high-quality online courses as well as online course design and instruction.


The Southwestern Ohio Instructional Technology Association (SOITA) offers online customized professional learning developed by Ohio EdTechs along with coaching for technology and Modern Teacher.


StartSOLE offers a tool to support the facilitation of student-centered inquiry in synchronous virtual, asynchronous virtual, and face-to-face learning environments, professional development and support for strategic implementation, and web-based tools to support standardization and scaling of best practices.


ThinkTV offers an adapted broadcast schedule to reach students who are not connected along with weekly emails providing links to national and local PBS learning materials. In addition, curriculum such as STEM World and the A to Z Career Lab are offered.

Western Ohio Service Collaborative (WOSC)

The Western Ohio Service Collaborative (WOSC) offers a wide range of professional development provided by experts from multiple counties in Ohio.

WOSU Classroom

WOSU Classroom offers instructional coaching as well as marketing and digital production services. 

Remote Leading for Remote Learning

In partnership with Actionable Leaders and BASA, the Remote Leading for Remote Learning educator-led videoconferences are now being supported by the Remote Learning Alliance. 

Contact Us

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Founding Partners


What Are the Goals?

Support school leaders, teachers, and support personnel as they operationalize their continuity of education plans.
Serve as hub for school districts to scale learning opportunities, resource sharing, and support.
Engage all regions of Ohio who wish to participate in the Remote Learning Alliance.
Partner with the best remote learning experts in the nation who can help us support our schools. 

What Is Collective Impact?

Collective impact is a group of organizations and/or individuals from different sectors committed to a common agenda for solving a specific social problem. Collective impact intiatives involve a centralized infrastructure, a dedicated staff, and a structured process that leads to a common agenda, shared measurement, continuous communication, and mutually reinforcing actvities among all participants. 
Source: Collective Impact. Stanford Social Innovation Review (Winter 2011). Retrieved May 4, 2020.