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ESC Partners to Support School Resource Allocation Strategies

Middle school students sitting at table working on project together

The ESC is partnering with the Ohio ESC Association (OESCA) and the statewide network of educational service centers, the Department of Education and Workforce through its Future Forward Ohio initiative, and Project Evident, a nonprofit organization dedicated to harnessing evidence for greater impact, to empower Ohio school districts and schools with evidence-based budgeting and resource allocation strategies tailored to their unique needs. Through a series of free regional workshops and a statewide convening, educators and administrators will gain practical tools and insights to make informed budgeting decisions aligned with their values and educational priorities.  

The workshops will provide hands-on training and guidance on utilizing data to identify priorities, make strategic trade-offs, and allocate resources effectively for sustainable impact. Covering topics such as strategic budgeting, multi-year financial planning, evidence-based continuous improvement, and data analytics, these sessions will equip participants with the skills to drive impactful decision-making processes within their districts.  

The workshops will be facilitated by experts from Project Evident and educational service centers across the state, drawing on decades of experience working with districts, state and local education agencies, schools, and education nonprofits. 

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