Now Hiring for Job Positions throughout Central Ohio
The ESC is now hiring for educator positions including intervention specialists, teaching assistants and more in schools throughout the Central Ohio region - some of which now include a $1500 hiring incentive. For more information regarding incentive eligibility, please see here.

Attendance Services

Regular attendance is an important aspect of a student’s social, emotional and academic success. In an effort to support districts and their unique needs, the ESC has designed a leveled model of attendance services delivered by Licensed Social Workers. These services align with the requirements of HB410 and can be a valuable addition to your absence intervention teams.

Our goal is to provide short-term, solutions-focused, strength-based approaches to lower grade retention, increase attendance, and increase graduation rates.

Level I | Professional Development, Coaching & Consultation

  • Provide tailored professional development on HB410 including requirements and strategies that reduce barriers and increase engagement
    • Examples: The Role of Relationships and Creating a Safe Learning Environment, Family Engagement, Academic Engagement, Strategies to Remove Barriers, Requirements and Timelines Associated with HB410
  • Participate in absence intervention team meetings as a consultant and/or contributor
  • Review of the district and/or school’s current attendance system including processes, protocols and interventions
  • Provide exemplars of effective use of attendance data
  • Provide information regarding evidence-based interventions and strategies 
  • Analyze building and district data to inform decision-making
  • Increase the capacity of the intervention team’s use of data
  • Connect absence intervention team with community resources to assist intervention efforts 

Level II | Modeling, Coaching, Consultation & Direct Service

Provide a variety of supports to the team as they intervene with students who are habitually truant or excessively absent such as:
  • Assist building team through the process of identify and reduce attendance barriers 
  • In collaboration with or under the direction of the team, meet with students and families to identify barriers and solution to attendance
  • Assist the team in the development of student-centered Absence Intervention Plans including the identification of barriers and solutions to attendance
  • Identify and refer to community services, as appropriate
  • Support the team as they monitor and document the implementation of the plan
  • Assist in the revision of the plan, as needed

Level III | Direct Service

  • Assist the district in complying with court mandates 
  • File a complaint to juvenile court on behalf of the district
  • Attend and represent the district at all court hearings
  • Residency, Well Checks and Missing Child

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