Crisis Prevention & Intervention Training

Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training

The ESC of Central Ohio offers crisis prevention and intervention training to teach safety and security for students and staff when addressing a continuum of behavioral issues. The training focuses on preventing and handling disruptive, unsafe behavior and teaches the ability to assess risk, actively problem solve and develop appropriate interventions. Physical intervention is taught as a last resort, using classroom models designed to be non-harmful and non-invasive.

The Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) training program consists of two initial, six- to eight-hour courses focused on program foundation and hybrid intervention, as well as annual refreshers to maintain active certification status.

The ESC sponsors initial and refresher trainings throughout the school year. Districts are welcome to purchase available seats in these trainings. Alternatively, districts may choose to host a program facilitated by ESC CPI certified trainers. Training is available free of charge to staff working in ESC classrooms. For staff members working in ESC-affiliated districts, please ask your district special education director to contact us for updated cost information.