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Intro to Google Apps Series: Meet Google Keep

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Google Keep is one of Google’s most underutilized educational apps. I like to call Google Keep my personal electronic sticky notes. The platform itself is intuitive. If you think Google Docs is basic, Google Keep is even more wonderfully simplistic and the options are straightforward. Plus, it’s pretty cool to look at on your computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device!

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Ultimately, Google Keep is Google’s note-taking application but you can use it to accomplish way more than just taking notes.

  • Set reminders: Google Keep has a reminder Google Keep's reminder functionfeature that allows you to set specific reminders. You can set the reminder by date, time, or place. What’s neat is, if you’re using your mobile device, you can set a reminder for a specific location. Now, you can finally remember to return those library books before heading home!

  • Make audible memos: In a rush and don’t haveGoogle Keep's memo function time to jot down notes? Google Keep allows you to record on the go. This feature can be accessed on mobile devices but can be heard on all devices!

  • Create shopping lists: Google Keep has a Google Keep's shopping list functionfeature that allows users to use checkboxes. When typing in your grocery store list, Google will automatically try to predict the item that you are shopping for.

  • Make to-do lists: While you’re considering using Google Keep's to-do list functionthose checkboxes, you might as well create a list of things you need to complete before the end of the day, week, or month! Google Keep makes it easy to shift tasks around and cross them off the list when they are complete.

  • Take written/sketch notes: If you are using a Google Keep's drawing functiontouchscreen device, you can draw and/or write in Google Keep.

Honestly, we are just at the beginning of what Google Keep allows you to do. There are more wonderful features to explore. No matter what device you are using, Google Keep should be your next go-to app!

Interested in learning more about Google Keep? 
Join Liz Curtis on February 17 for a FREE training! Register here.

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