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Olentangy Schools Superintendent Search

The Olentangy Local School District is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Superintendent. The Board of Education seeks an effective and experienced leader in education and administration. It is preferred that the new Superintendent will begin by August 1, 2023.

Community Information about Olentangy

Olentangy Schools is comprised of 95 square miles. Most of the district is in Delaware County, serving all or part of numerous municipalities including Orange Township, Berkshire Township, Berlin Township, Concord Township, Genoa Township, Liberty Township, Delaware Township, the City of Delaware, the City of Columbus, the City of Westerville, and the City of Powell. Since the early 1990’s, Delaware County and Olentangy Schools have experienced massive growth, propelling Olentangy from a one-building school district to the 27 schools and growing today.

As of the 2021 American Community Survey, there were 103,003 people living in 37,867 households within the Olentangy school district. Of that population, 27% are under the age of 18, amounting to an enrollment of over 23,000 students in Olentangy Schools. The median home value in the area is $381,800 and the median household income is $138,177.

About Olentangy Schools

Olentangy Schools is a tight-knit community that works together to create a positive, friendly, nurturing, open, and safe environment where excellence is an established tradition. Olentangy is one of only 12 school districts in Ohio to receive five stars in all categories on the state school report card, and in the annual U.S. News & World Report Best High Schools rankings, Olentangy’s three eligible high schools all ranked in the top 25 best high schools in Ohio. Olentangy is home to five Blue Ribbon Schools and has received numerous accolades for fiscal responsibility and transparency. High schools have maintained a graduation rate above 98%, with ACT scores four points above the state average.

The District offers a comprehensive academic curriculum through programs and courses such as College Credit Plus, advanced placement courses, a designated STEM and Teacher Academy, gifted education, and a wide array of specialized services that ensure our staff is facilitating maximum learning for every student. In addition to academics and related services, Olentangy students have access to an unparalleled wealth of athletic, visual arts, performing arts, and other extracurricular programs designed to develop their personal interests and advance their individual learning and life experiences.

District Mission, Vision & Values

To facilitate maximum learning for every student.

Be the recognized leader for high performance and efficiency in education

We respect and we care
We make sound decisions
We can always get better
We partner at school and in the community

Leadership Criteria

The Board is specifically searching for candidates who demonstrate superior communication skills and have experience overseeing the management of financial and human resources. Equally important, the Board seeks candidates who have demonstrated a strong understanding of the board policies and who are prepared to work promptly with all stakeholders and the community to successfully address concerns.

Our Superintendent shall be able to demonstrate:
  • Leadership: Superintendent will demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills, sound and thoughtful decision-making skills, facilitate a culture of trust and high expectations, engage in self-development, facilitate conflict management, demonstrate creativity, anticipate problems, demonstrate entrepreneurial skills, be a self-initiator, and demonstrate high ethical and professional behavior.
  • Effective Communication: Superintendent will ensure that effective communication systems are developed, implemented, and maintained. The systems will ensure a prompt response to staff and community concerns. Superintendent will keep the public and staff informed about current educational practices, trends, policies, progress, and challenges in the District’s schools.
  • Superior Management of Culture and Climate: Superintendent will ensure a positive and supportive learning environment exists through review, development, recommendation, application of policies and governance procedures for the District, while maintaining a focus on the mission - facilitating maximum learning for all students. Superintendent will advocate for children and families and identify and respond to societal and educational trends, including all state and federal legislative issues, that impact the District and community.
  • Resource Management: Superintendent will assist with managing and prioritizing fiscal resources to align expenditures with District goals and available funding. The individual also will assist with the recruiting, developing, evaluating, and retaining of quality staff and management of human resources. 
  • Effective Engagement with Key Stakeholders: Superintendent will develop a shared vision for the District. Superintendent will engage with the Board and key staff members in a process that identifies objectives and details activities, resources, timelines, standards, and monitoring processes necessary for completion of the District’s objectives. The Superintendent must continue the ongoing execution of a strategic plan. 
  • Planning and Execution: Superintendent will create and execute a coherent plan with a limited, achievable number of goals and objectives.
  • Instructional Leadership: Superintendent will provide leadership to ensure that the District curriculum, instruction, and assessment programs are designed to provide full access and opportunity to all students consistent with available resources and legal mandates.
  • Opportunities for Professional Development of Staff: Superintendent will provide high-quality professional development for all staff aligned with District, state, and applicable national standards.
  • Technology: Superintendent will promote the use of effective and appropriate technologies to support teaching and learning.
The application submission deadline has passed.


March 17, 2023  | Announcement of Vacancy
April 17, 2023     | Application Deadline
May 2-3, 2023    | Interviews Begin
May 11, 2023     | Second Round of Interviews
May 15, 2023     | Board Action to Employ
August 1, 2023   | Preferred Start Date
* Timeline subject to change

Applicant Criteria

The Board of Education seeks a candidate who is an experienced leader and who embraces the challenge of taking an excellent district to the next level while working collaboratively with the Board, community, staff and students to meet their needs. A component includes working with all municipalities within the district. The position requires an Ohio Superintendent’s license and, at a minimum, a master’s degree.

Terms of Employment & Compensation

The Board will provide a competitive compensation package. A multi-year contract with provisions for annual review and evaluation will be offered. The actual salary and benefits will be commensurate with the education and experience of the candidate.

Contact Us

For information regarding the position, please contact:
Wade Lucas, Ph.D.
Client Services Representative
614.440.1978 or 
[email protected]