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Staff Committees

The ESC hosts two large employee-founded and run groups that help in bettering the culture inside of the organization: the EMBRACE Committee and the Equity Committee. Employees are welcome to join either group or both!

EMBRACE Committee


The EMBRACE Committee is a staff-organized employee morale group for the ESC. EMBRACE stands for “employee morale building respect, aspiration, culture, and engagement”. Each month, a group of staff volunteers plans and creates events, printed or digital pieces, or activities that promote community within the main buildings of the ESC.  



Jinnae Buchanan 
Jinnae Buchanan (she/her) serves as the Administrative Assistant in Student Services and joined the EMBRACE committee as a member in 2020. Little did she know that a year later, in 2021, a new chapter of leadership awaited her. As she reflects on the transition, she can't help but be grateful for the journey that led her here. In a world where change is the only constant, she thrives by embracing the unknown. With an innate ability to connect with others, Jinnae is poised to confront future challenges with an open mind and a determined spirit. So, here's to the future of the EMBRACE committee – a future that holds countless opportunities for growth and transformation. As the committee navigates the uncharted waters ahead, it does so with a shared sense of excitement and an unwavering commitment to making the committee's journey one that inspires and leaves a lasting mark. 
Eileen Asher 
Eileen Asher (she/her) is a graduate of the Graphic Design program at Ohio Dominican University with a specialization in branding and identity. She joined the ESC in 2019 as a member of the Communications team where she works towards developing more inclusive design and marketing practices. Eileen joined the EMBRACE committee in 2019 and then volunteered to be a co-lead in 2022. She is a graduate of the Project Diversity Pride Leadership class of 2021 through United Way of Central Ohio, where she developed skills to serve as a non-profit board member. She currently serves on the board of The Center for Disability Empowerment. 

Email Eileen at [email protected] for more information about inclusive design or communication services. 


The Green Team 
The Green Team is a subcommittee of EMBRACE that focuses on green initiatives at the ESC. This team coordinates events like lunch & learns and trash pick-ups, shares resources for living a greener life, and educates employees on how to be more conscious of climate issues. 
The Little Free Library
On the second floor of the Citygate building, there is a bookshelf called the Little Free Library where staff can borrow, recommend, and share books for other employees to enjoy. Bookmarks are placed inside each book on the shelf with comments and recommendations, so staff are welcome to reach out to the reviewer to discuss the book later! 

Any staff member is welcome to add books to the collection to share. 
Employee Spotlights
In each of the 4 main ESC buildings, there are two poster frames with fun facts about fellow staff members! These profiles feature submitted photos from each staff member and non-work-related facts about them. We encourage employees to reach out to that person if they have something in common! 
EMBRACE Newsletter
Stay up to date with all the events and activities that EMBRACE is sharing with the monthly newsletter! 


Equity Committee

Equity Committee logo

The Equity Action Planning Committee celebrates & prioritizes diversity, belonging, inclusion, and equity (DBIE). We understand these pillars of social justice to be critical to cultivating a thriving ESC workplace, school cultures, and communities. 

Committee Leader 

Dr. Sierra Austin-King 

Dr. Sierra J. Austin-King has served as the ESC's Regional School Improvement Coordinator for Equity and Diversity since 2019. She received her Ph.D. from The Ohio State University, where she also serves as a senior lecturer.  

Dr. Austin-King has been recognized as a Leadership Columbus Graduate (2023), a Leadership Ohio Ambassador (2021), a YWCA Columbus Sue Doody Alumni of the Year (2020), and a JPMorgan Chase & Deloitte Wise Women Rising Star (2019). She currently serves as Chair-Elect and Grants Committee Chair of the Women's Fund of Central Ohio, as a member of the Franklin University School of Education Advisory Board, and a member of the YWCA Columbus Alumni Committee. She is also a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. 


Action Statements 

The Committee strives to:  

  • Cultivate a culture of open-mindedness and compassion; 

  • Create and promote opportunities for engagement, education, and discourse related to issues of diversity, belonging, inclusion, and equity;  

  • Challenge and disrupt various systemic and interlocking systems of oppression 




Frequently, the Equity Committee creates resources for staff and educators to further their own equity learning journey. Below is a list of downloadable resources for staff to use. Some are digital, while others may be printed and displayed! 


Elevate2Equity Newsletter 

Stay up to date with all the resources and learning opportunities that the Equity Committee is sharing with the monthly newsletter! 

Equity In Action