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ESC Leading Teach CS Project

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Last week, Lt. Gov. John Husted announced that up to 1,100 Ohio K-12 educators will receive computer science training through Teach CS Grants. Of those 1,100, up to 650 will become newly qualified to teach computer science and the remainder will pursue continuing education opportunities. A total of $6 million will be awarded to 17 education institutions across the state to cover the costs of this professional development, including the ESC of Central Ohio.

To participate, school districts and educators must connect with an awarded Ohio college, university, or ESC to receive a Teach CS Grant. Educators can use funds to earn a computer science endorsement, supplemental license, alternative resident educator license, or engage in continuing education, such as learning how to teach a LEGO-based robotics course or how to teach a course on app development. Teach CS Grants can be received one of two ways:
  • Directly through colleges by enrolling teachers in computer science coursework at colleges with awarded funding, which will in turn apply the Teach CS Grants as scholarships to defray expenses for coursework, materials, and exams.
  • In partnership with ESCs by requesting grant funding from awarded ESCs for eligible expenses, whether through programs outside of colleges, in partnership with colleges, or in partnership with nonprofit and other organizations that teach computer science.
The ESC of Central Ohio is partnering with the Ohio STEM Learning Network (OSLN) and Lego Education to provide computer science coursework opportunities while also offering computer science courses itself – all focused of Central Ohio educators.

Teach CS Grants are a partnership between InnovateOhio, the Governor's Office of Workforce Transformation, the Ohio Department of Higher Education, and the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce.

To learn more about the Teach CS Grant Program, see here:

To learn more about the ESC, its partners, and the coursework being provided, see here:

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