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ESC Awarded HSTI Grant

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Recently, Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted announced that the High School Tech Internship program is now open for Ohio students to enroll. The goal of the program is to provide Ohio businesses with the tech talent they need while providing students with valuable work experience at an early age. Interns will be expected to perform job duties similar to what is expected of an entry-level employee in technology roles that focus on software development, data, cloud and IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, broadband/5G, advanced mobility, and other in-demand technology-focused roles.

The ESC was awarded a grant to serve as the intermediary for the Central Ohio region (see map of regions). As an intermediary, the ESC, in partnership with BridgED, will administer the program in a seamless fashion between the State of Ohio, educational entities, and businesses. Serving as the single point of contact for businesses and educational entities will allow the needs of both to be supported by the intermediary throughout the entirety of the internship process.

The High School Tech Internship application period began January 2nd, 2024, and will close June 14th, 2024. To enroll in the program, individual students or school districts must contact the ESC to be connected to a business that is hosting an internship experience.

To learn more about the state of Ohio's High School Tech Internship Program, see here:

To learn more about participating in the High School Tech Internship Program in the Central Ohio region, see here:

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