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ESC Providing Behavioral Support Training

Amy Walker, Brianna Paige, and Maddy Smith headshots

The ESC is now offering pathways for paraprofessionals to attain a Registered Behavior Technician® (RBT®) certification as well as Specialized Behavior Technician (BT) micro-credentialing. These credentials are designed for paraprofessionals to develop the skills necessary to support the behavioral needs of students. The RBT® program is designed to provide the curriculum and structural support needed to have individuals become certified as Registered Behavior Technicians through the Behavior Analysis Certification Board within a school district. RBT® certification items include Tier 2 and Tier 3 support for students within an MTSS model. 

The BT micro-credentialing program is designed to be a supplemental behavioral intervention training for paraprofessionals within a school building to increase capacity to support the success of all learners. This program is not an RBT® certification pathway but instead provides training related to the RBT® curriculum and task lists through online Canvas modules with ongoing embedded support. Participants have the option of selecting relevant modules based on need and relevance or completing all modules and earn a badge of completion after completing each. 

Supporting these training pathways and related work within Central Ohio school districts are new ESC staff additions Madeleine (Maddy) Smith, Brianna Paige, and Amy Walker. Maddy Smith (pictured on right) is a new addition to the ESC’s Specialized On-Site Support (SOS) Team and also is spearheading the paraprofessional behavioral supports training programs described above. Prior to working at the ESC, she worked as a paraprofessional and RBT® with Dublin City Schools for five years and as a clinical supervisor in applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy for the last two years.  Her formal education includes an undergraduate degree in developmental psychology from Miami University and a Master’s of education in ABA from the University of Cincinnati.  She has coached high school soccer for Worthington City Schools (her alma mater) as well as middle school lacrosse.  Maddy said she’s looking forward to working with the ESC to collaborate with district leaders and educators to integrate behavior intervention strategies in schools throughout Central Ohio.

Brianna Paige (pictured in center) joins the ESC in a dual role. She is working in the Hilliard City Schools this year as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) supporting staff and students with behavioral-related needs. When not working in Hilliard, she will be with the ESC’s SOS Team building the professional capacity of staff throughout other Central Ohio school districts. Prior to coming to the ESC, Brianna was a clinical supervisor at an autism therapy center for four years where she was responsible for supervising the implementation of ABA therapy with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. She completed her formal education at Xavier University and the University of Cincinnati where she earned a Master’s degree in education with a focus in behavior analysis. Brianna was born and raised in Gahanna attending Lincoln High School and was recently married to her husband, Ernest, in May 2022. She’s looking forward to sharing her passion for changing the lives of others with behavioral analytical concepts and compassionate care.

Amy Walker (pictured on left) also will be working for the ESC in a dual role supporting Marion City Schools as a BCBA while being a part of the ESC’s SOS Team building the behavioral knowledge base of individuals in other Central Ohio school districts. Amy has over 15 years of experience in the ABA field and has provided both center-based and home-based services for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities and the adults who support them. She completed her formal education through The Ohio State University and St. Cloud State University where she received a Master’s degree in ABA. Amy resides in Clintonville with her husband and daughters, ages 5 and 8, and enjoys being active outside, spending quality time with her family, and reading. She is looking forward to supporting Central Ohio educators in learning about behavioral principles and applying them in their classroom to improve student success.
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