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Behavior Intervention

Behavior Intervention Specialists and Support Services

The Educational Service Center of Central Ohio provides Behavior Intervention Support Services that assist school personnel and parents in identifying interventions, and using positive behavior supports that result in improved student achievement. These services also can build a district’s capacity by training staff in non-violent crisis prevention strategies.

ESC behavior intervention specialists are trained in the Crisis Prevention Institute’s Non-Violent Crisis Intervention model of behavior de-escalation and intervention. (See below for training options.)

Participants become familiar with IDEA’s positive behavior support mandates and benefit from customized training in the areas personal safety and crisis management as well as paraprofessional roles and responsibilities. Completion of this training qualifies staff to design, implement and monitor intervention plans related to individual students or specific classrooms, aid building intervention assistance teams.

ESC trained employees increase a district’s capacity to assess and handle behavior issues in the classroom, monitor/refine ongoing behavior intervention plans on-site and develop individual behavior plans aligned with student IEPs.

Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) Training Options

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training Program Foundation Course
Initial, 6-8 hour training

This program is considered the worldwide standard for crisis prevention and intervention training. With a core philosophy of providing for the Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security of everyone involved in a crisis situation, the program’s proven strategies give human service providers and educators the skills to safely and effectively respond to anxious, hostile, or violent behavior while balancing the responsibilities of care.  This course expands on the nonviolent crisis intervention training program by focusing on staff ability to assess risk, actively problem solve, and develop appropriate interventions.
Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Hybrid
Initial, 6-8 hour training

This programs combines web-based and classroom learning in one program.  Staff will complete a web-based portion of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® hybrid training.  This component contains a variety of interactive presentations, scenarios, videos, and learning assessments that relate to each unit of the program. The classroom program builds on your web-based learning by giving staff the opportunity to problem solve and apply what you learned via the web-based component.  This training helps advance eLearning options, trains more staff in less time, and expands support for Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security.
Autism Spectrum Disorders Training Program
Refresher, 4-hour training

This program focuses on tailoring training to address the unique needs of staff who support individuals with autism spectrum disorders or related communication disabilities.
Applied Physical Training
Refresher, 4-hour training

This intensive program helps to increase skills and enhance confidence to train physical intervention strategies.
Enhancing Verbal Skills
Refresher, 4-hour training

This program connects Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training fundamentals with Life Space Crisis Intervention concepts and helps to break the conflict cycle in students/clients.
Trauma-Informed Care
Refresher, 4-hour training

This program examines the influence of trauma on behavior and offers strategies and staff approaches to promote a culture of care that is trauma-informed and person-centered for all stakeholders, including family members who support those in care. With a better understanding of the function of the behavior, you can better serve those who have experienced trauma.

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