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Celebrating Our Board Members’ Dedication to Schools

Banner text displaying article title "Celebrating Out Board Members' Dedication to Schools" by Tom Goodney.
School board members are ordinary people who have an extraordinary dedication to our public schools. Too often we forget about the personal sacrifices school board members routinely make. And the important role school board members play in assuring local control over our public schools.

Educational service centers (ESCs), including the ESC of Central Ohio, also are led by elected governing board members dedicated to our public schools and education.

January is School Board Recognition Month and once more we are reminded of their untiring efforts. In addition to showing our appreciation, this month is also a good time to take time to better understand how school board members and our ESC governing board members work together to provide leadership for our schools.

Our governing board works closely with education professionals and community members to create the educational vision we want for our students, staff, programs, and services. It formulates goals, defines results, and sets the course for the agency to meet its purpose of leading when necessary, supporting all stakeholders, and seeking to share and leverage resources on behalf of client school districts and partners.

The governing board is accountable to the public. It is responsible for assuring that the money allocated to the ESC is providing a good return on the investment. Thus, the board oversees regular assessment of the center’s students, staff, programs, and services.

Please join us and others from throughout our region and state to salute the men and women who provide grassroots governance of public schools and educational service centers. If possible, make a special effort to tell each board member his or her hard work has been noticed and is very much appreciated. We look forward to seeing the work our board and the school boards in Central Ohio will do in the year that follows.

Tom Goodney is the Superintendent of the ESC of Central Ohio.