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Hiring Process

ESC Hiring Process (for employers)

Step 1: Create ESCHires Account
The ESC uses an online hiring portal called ESCHires to initiate employment requests from client school districts and agencies . To access ESCHires, a school district or agency must first complete an ESCHires Account Request Form. When completing the form, please select ESCHires as the Account Type.

Permission Levels (Note: Both should be selected for full access)

  • Hiring Manager | Will see their own forms submitted only
  • Administrator | Will be able to see all forms submitted, even those submitted by others (view only access

Once received and reviewed, the ESC will email access credentials to the district or agency hiring managers and administrators as designated on the request form.
New agency or school district human resources personnel requesting access to ESCHires may also need access to the ESC-Agency/District HR Group Folders. If access is needed, please complete an additional ESC IT Account Request Form. Under Account Type select Office 365 Guest. 
Once received and reviewed, the ESC will email access credentials to the Account Holder designated on the request form. The ESC-Agency/District Group HR Folders grants human resources personnel access to the central hub in which the ESC and the agency's or school district's annual salaries, annual evaluations, host reports, and additional human resources information is collected.
Step 2: Complete and Submit Employment Authorization Form
On the ESCHires homepage, a user has access to three forms:

To hire an employee, the employer should complete an EAF and submit for review to the ESC.  Questions regarding submitted employment information will be directed back to the school district or agency. (NOTE: The EAF should be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the employee’s start date.)

Step 3: Employee Requirements
Once reviewed, the school district or agency will receive an email New Hire Information: What Next?  This lists actions the school district or agency might use to help the new employee expedite the employment process, such as:

Concurrently, the new employee will receive an email New Hire Information. This lists requirements that must be completed in order to process and recommend the individual for employment, including:

Step 4: Employee eForm Completion
Once the application has been completed and submitted, the new employee will receive a second email providing access to an online eForm requesting additional required information. The individual is also able to upload into the eForm required documents such as licenses/permits, background check reports, college transcripts, and copies of driver’s license and social security card.

Step 5: Confirmation Notice
When the above steps have been completed and reviewed by ESC human resources staff, the hiring school district or agency will receive an email notice that the employee is cleared to begin working.