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Intro To Google Apps Series: Google Keep Round Two

Blog title 'Intro To Google Apps Series: Google Keep Round Two' by Liz Curtis
Google Keep only keeps getting better! Here are some more features of this fantastic app.

  • Easy link access: Store all of your favoriteGoogle Keep note showing saved links websites on notes and access them easily. At any given point and time, I have eight to 10 tabs open on my browser. When it’s time to leave work for the day, it is so convenient to have all of my links saved on one Keep note. When I return to work, the links I saved from yesterday are literally one click away.
  • Collaborate: Just like you can collaborate with people through Google Docs, you can collaborate with Google Keep. People can see what you see and edit just the same. With Google Keep, you can also create lists, so sharing a grocery list just got that much easier, especially since all the edits are immediate!
    Google Keep Collaborators pane
  • Easy integration with Google Docs: Google Keep has Google Keep integration with Google Docsthe ability to copy your note into a Google Doc without leaving Google Keep. As I mentioned in the first blog, Google Keep notes are perfect, digital sticky notes. If your notes are starting to get a little too long, transferring the note to Google Docs is a breeze! Notes, pictures, and links get transferred within seconds and saved to your Google Drive.

  •  Color coding: This feature is completely optional, but I personally love to use a variety of colors for my notes to keep my Google Keep page fun and exciting! However, for people who take organization seriously, get excited. You can choose which color you want to use for each of your notes. So, if you want all school-related items to be blue and all personal notes to be purple, go for it!
    Colorful Google Keep notes
  • Grab the text from an image: Now this next feature needs a drum roll!Turning handwriting to text When I was a classroom teacher and students were absent, I’d have a classmate take notes. With this feature, students can take handwritten notes and use Google Keep to change their handwriting into a font that may be copied and pasted anywhere. From grabbing worksheets and recipes from the internet to tossing out all of those business cards taking up space in your wallet, using this feature really is a no-brainer!

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