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Vision/Orientation & Mobility

Vision/Orientation and Mobility

Vision/Orientation and Mobility Services
Vision/Orientation and Mobility Services are designed to assist school personnel to provide interventions and instructional strategies to improve student achievement and support students with visual impairments. Direct, consultative and/or monitoring services are available. VI specialists participate in assessment and serve on IEP teams as requested by school administration. The specialists can assess a student’s functional vision, suggest curricular modifications and provide students with direct Braille instruction and/or reader services.

Orientation and Mobility (O&M) specialists are qualified and licensed specialists who understand the needs of visually impaired students and are knowledgeable in navigating one’s community and the use of specialized equipment. The O&M specialist can assess a student’s mobility and travel skills, provide direct instruction in navigating one’s community and provide support to teachers, peers and families.

Flexible programming and services are supported to meet the specific needs of the district.