STEP Program


Student Transition Education Program
In partnership with the Ohio State University, this program is meant to provide students with the opportunity to continue their education, participate in various work experiences and interact with same-age peers throughout the OSU campus.

STEP is a 1-2 year program. Students may complete and graduate from STEP or continue onto Project Plus at Ohio State.  The school district and IEP team will meet during the school year to discuss and determine the best course for your student.

If accepted into the STEP class, an IEP meeting will be held at OSU in the spring.


  • To participate in career exploration
  • To improve work skills
  • To improve work accuracy
  • To increase independence skills
  • To increase daily living skills
  • To be a self-advocate
  • To plan community activities
  • To navigate campus and community locations

Students will follow the ESC of Central Ohio’s campus-based transition schedule, which may differ from your home district calendar.

STEP is in session Monday-Friday from 7:45 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Students will journal, complete functional math activities, and practice communication skills daily.

WORK DAYS | Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Students work three days per week on Ohio State University’s campus.  They will have the opportunity to work at several internship sites throughout the school year and interview for their final internship. Generalized job skills will be taught at each site.

Students will plan trips around their local communities, navigate the OSU campus, explore post-secondary career and day habilitation options, participate in adult recreational activities and practice social, mobility, safety, budgeting and daily living skills in community locations.

Campus and classroom activities include exploring individual rights and responsibilities, self-determination skills, budgeting and purchasing skills (i.e. paying bills, shopping activities, counting money), daily living skills (including cooking), personal safety and peer relationships.