WINGS Program


Winning Independence through Guided Support
The WINGS Program provides students with the opportunity to continue their education in an age-appropriate setting, utilizing the community as a learning environment to help increase employment outcomes. The WINGS classroom is located at Columbus State Community College (CSCC), and your home district will provide transportation to and from the program.

WINGS is a one- or two-year program. Students are able to graduate from WINGS or go onto STEP or Project Plus at Ohio State University. Your district and IEP will meet during the school year to discuss and determine the best course for your student.

If accepted into the WINGS class, an IEP meeting will be held at CSCC in the spring.


The purpose of WINGS is to provide students with quality learning experiences, facilitate the application of life/employment skills in the least restrictive environment and develop student-centered plans for transition from school to post-secondary life.

Students in this program benefit by becoming linked to adult service agencies prior to graduation, improved post-graduation employment rates, higher level of independence in the workplace and beyond, and improved social, work-related and self-advocacy skills.

Students will follow the ESC of Central Ohio’s campus-based transition schedule, which will differ from your home district’s calendar.

WINGS is in session Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 2:45 p.m. Students will journal, record IEP data and complete a budget daily.

Campus and classroom activities include gym/fitness center, computer lab, cooking lab, community skills, functional math, socials skills, self-determination, daily living skills, computer lab and employment skills.

Students work two-three days each week from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  They’ll receive a variety of work experiences each school year and are taught generalized job skills. Worksites include the Ronald McDonald House, OSU East Hospital, United Way, COSI, CSCC Bookstore, Goodwill, and Mount Carmel West Hospital.

We travel to a variety of local places where students interact with their community and their peers. Community trips focus on career exploration, daily living skills, post-secondary opportunities and occasionally recreation and leisure activities.