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Principals Resource Network

The Principals Resource Network (PRN) provides tools and resources to support Principals as they work with students, staff, parents and community members. The PRN office is at the ready to assist school districts as they attract, nurture and develop leaders for tomorrow. The office of PRN provides mentoring assistance, a course for Aspiring Principals along with a wide range of professional development opportunities. The Principals Resource Network focuses on the day to day challenges of leaders in schools with a clear focus on the Ohio Principal Standards.

Mentoring/Executive Coaching

The Principals Resource Network can provide mentoring for all levels of Administration. We can develop a plan of action for one or the entire Administrative Team. The PRN office has mentored over 50 practicing principals in the Central Ohio area over the last 4 years. The PRN office can develop a plan of action for administrators regardless of their experience.

Aspiring Principal Program

This program is intended to prepare individuals who aspire to be school leaders. The program involves a four session course that provides a curriculum that focuses on leadership, data analysis and decision making and curriculum/instruction. These sessions will also discuss the importance of strengthening community relations and will offer strategies to empower teacher leaders. This course will also provide access to the latest research regarding successful schools leaders, guest speakers, leadership assessment and real life suggestion provided by real life practitioners.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact [email protected].