Students Experiencing Homelessness | Supports

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARP) Homeless II Funds provider federal resources to support local districts and schools with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic of students experiencing homelessness. ARP Homeless funds are in addition to the larger pool of ARP funding and must be used to meet the needs of students experiencing homelessness. The ARP Homeless funds are divided into two disbursements: ARP Homeless I and ARP Homeless II. ARP Homeless II funds will be distributed to Ohio’s districts and schools by formula. 

Districts and schools allocated less than $5,000 in Phase II funding as stipulated by the formula are not eligible for the subgrant on their own. To receive an ARP Homeless II subgrant, the district/school must join a consortium in which the sum of its members' allocations meets the $5,000 threshold. The ESC, in partnership with the North Central Ohio ESC, has developed a consortium in which these districts/schools may participate.

Allowable Wraparound Supports & Services

Districts and schools may allocate these funds in the following areas:
  • Engaged and Challenged
    • Supplemental transportation to enable attendance in school and school-sponsored activities;
    • Cell phones or other devises to enable attendance and full participation;
    • Reliable, high-speed internet for students while family is homeless and needs internet to participate in instruction beyond what is provided to all students and families;
    • Tutoring, supplemental instruction and enriched educational services;
    • Expedited evaluations;
    • Assistance to defray the excess cost of transportation;
    • Developmentally appropriate early childhood education programs; and/or
    • Before-and after-school, mentoring and summer programs.
  • Support Services
    • Wraparound (community-based organizations, academic, trauma-informed care, social-emotional support and mental health services);
    • Professional development designed to heighten the understanding of the needs of homeless children and youth and their rights;
    • Services to attract, engage and retain students experiencing homelessness;
    • Education and training for families about their rights and available resources; and/or
    • Coordination between schools and agencies providing services.
  • Safe and Healthy
    • Needed supplied related to COVID-19;
    • Short-term, temporary housing during emergencies or to enable full participation in school activities;
    • Referral services for medical, dental, mental and other health services;
    • Specialized instructional support service (including violence prevention counseling) and referrals for such services;
    • Activities to address particular needs that may arise from domestic violence, parental mental health or substance abuse problems;
    • The adaptation of space and purchase of supplies for any non-school facilities; and/or
    • Other extraordinary or emergency assistance needed for attendance and full participation.