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College and Career/Workforce Success

Amazing Futures
This video series explores the 4 E's (Employment, Education, Entrepreneur, & Enlistment) through interviews with recent high school graduates. They each found success through different experiences. Which "E" will you choose?

Business Advisory Council
The Business Advisory Council fosters cooperation among schools, businesses, and the communities they serve. This work ensures that the work of educators aligns with the needs of businesses. 
In partnership with the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, the ESC offers Educator Workforce Boot Camps. This collaborative initiative is designed to empower educators with the skills and resources necessary to prepare students for an ever-evolving workforce landscape.

The ESC supports schools and districts with student pathway development in areas such as College Credit Plus, industry-recognized credentials, work-based learning, and more. 
The ESC works collaboratively with public agencies, schools, districts, and private businesses to create programs in the following industry sectors: architecture and construction; education and training; hospitality and tourism; information technology; manufacturing; and transportation, distribution and logistics.

The ESC is partnering with the Harvard Graduate School of Education's Project Zero and several Central Ohio School districts to develop "cultures of thinking" - communities where a group's collective and individual thinking is valued, visible, and actively promoted every day. 
Success Network
The Success Network serves as the link between schools and leaders, providing resources to advance and accelerate students beyond high school.
Work-Based Learning
The ESC offers implementation support of work-based learning programs to expose students to future options and provide
opportunities for skill development and mastery over time. Work-based learning experiences can be implemented at all grade levels and can include a variety of activities—from in-classroom visits to workplace tours and even apprenticeship programs.