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Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning is a shift from traditional classroom practices to more learner-driven practices and school systems.

What is Personalized Learning?

Ohio’s Definition of Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning is a learner-driven approach to teaching and learning that supports learners in achieving their goals in the ways that work best for them. In order to ensure that each learner is able to overcome obstacles to learning and be prepared for future success, it calls on educators to:
  • Really know and empower their learners;
  • Facilitate and co-design learning experiences with their learners;
  • Align supports to accelerate learning and meet individual learners’ distinct learning needs, interests, aspirations or cultural backgrounds; and
  • Provide ways for learners to demonstrate what they know and know how to do.

Ohio's Personalized Learning Framework [draft]

Professional Learning

Professional Learning Opportunities

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