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Data Support & Analysis

The ESC offers a full range of data, assessment and accountability services that support district, building and teacher-based teams on the collection, use and interpretation of data to improve curriculum and instruction and to increase student achievement. Data, assessment and accountability specialists provide consultation, facilitation, training and support to individuals/teams to develop a culture that promotes data- driven discussions and supports staff in making sense of data.

  • Provide leadership in training in the review, analysis and application of student achievement and growth data including value-added.
  • Compile district and/or building level data from a variety of sources, including national and state tests, ACT, SAT, end-of-course tests, Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate tests, Ohio Department of Higher Education, formative assessments and other identified sources, in an annual academic achievement report.
  • Present data in understandable, easy-to-interpret charts, graphs and tables to individuals and small groups, including district/building leadership teams and teacher-based teams to identify appropriate intervention strategies and programs as well as staff development needs.
  • Develop knowledge and skills on the use of norm-referenced and criterion-referenced test results, including key concepts, terminology and measures that are critical to understanding and interpreting data correctly and using data in a positive, action-oriented way to motivate students/staff by setting goals and recognizing progress.
  • Interpret data and lead collaborative discussions on data findings, conclusions and focused planning.
  • Assist in the development and support of data teams across classrooms, grade levels, buildings and districts to provoke improved alignment of curriculum, instruction and assessment with academic content standards.
  • Build awareness of and the capacity to use Ohio’s data tools to make more effective instructional decisions on a daily basis in individual classrooms.
  • Explore strategies to provide transparent, easy access to district data to engage the community in the schools.

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