Instructional Coaching

The ESC's instructional coaching professional development services are designed to provide and support instructional coaching skill in working with adult educators. This work ultimately impacts student learning as well as creates a professional, collaborative learning community for instructional coaches themselves. Sessions offered support the unique needs of those new to the coaching role and those experienced with instructional coaching. There will be opportunities for coaches to develop and refine their practice, monitor their effectiveness, and create a network of support throughout the Central Ohio community. Opportunities for on-site coaching exist through the Center for Achievement and Leadership.

Topics include:
  • Relationship building and adult learning
  • Coaching conversations/questioning stems
  • Instructional context for student success (e.g., use of high-quality assessments and high-quality instructional materials, learning environments and digital learning tools)
  • Role of data—tools for success and monitoring
  • Essential elements in literacy/numeracy coaching that impact student learning

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