Now Hiring for Job Positions throughout Central Ohio
The ESC is now hiring for educator positions including intervention specialists, teaching assistants, substitute staff and more in schools throughout the Central Ohio region - some of which now include a $1500 early commitment incentive.

How to Renew Substitute Eligibility


Steps to Renew Substitute Eligibility

The annual reactivation period for the 2022-2023 school year for all active ESC-COG substitutes begins on April 1, 2022.   Active substitute status is obtained when you complete the annual renewal process. The minimum of 10 substitute assignments accepted has been waived for 2022-2023 and will be restored for 2023-2024.

If you are active this year but have not worked and have not been paid by the ESC for 12 months, you will need to complete the fiscal eForm packet (To be sent by ESC staff).

Your user name in Recruiting and Hiring is your complete personal email address and password is one that you created. If you need help, please click on "forgot my password".

Steps to renew your application as an ESC-COG Substitute:

  • Attach your current Ohio Department of Education (ODE) 2022-2023 license (teaching, substitute license, educational aide permit, or CT 37 license for career centers). An electronic copy of your license is available online from ODE through your OH/ID Portal.  Please be reminded that FBI background checks must be updated every five years with a copy sent electronically to both the ESC-COG office and ODE.
  • After April 1st, complete the following required courses in Public School Works (Having trouble signing into Public School Works? Try updating your browser):
    1. C-008 ESC-COG Substitute Employee Handbook 2022-2023 (and take test)
    2. M-026 blood-borne pathogen training
    3. C-005 ESC electronic data security (All substitutes are issued an ESC email account.)
    4. C-013 Introduction to Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) (New for 2021)
    5. If there are other required training courses, the school will inform you.
  • Verify your home address, phone number, and personal email address are current.
  • Verify that your “In Case of Emergency" contact information is accurate.
  • Select your school district preference(s). The top preference section is for substitute teaching and the bottom section is for non-teaching assignments. 
Once you have completed and submitted the renewal application, a green check mark will be displayed on your screen and you will receive an email acknowledgement receipt from our office.

The ESC-COG HR office staff will review your renewal information. When your file has been reactivated for 2022-2023 you will be notified by email.  Renewals completed and submitted before July 1st will remain active for the upcoming year.

Questions? Please email our office at [email protected].




Please contact us at [email protected].