Now Hiring for Job Positions throughout Central Ohio
The ESC is now hiring for educator positions including intervention specialists, teaching assistants, substitute staff and more in schools throughout the Central Ohio region - some of which now include a $1500 early commitment incentive.

Career Development & Advancement Program

The ESC's Career Development & Advancement Program (C-DAP) establishes employee licensure pathways for non-licensed college graduates and non-degreed teacher assistants and paraprofessionals to earn an Intervention Specialist (IS) license through partner universities. Our agency employs over 200 intervention specialists and teacher assistants/paraprofessionals each school year to support special education programming in grades Pre-K through 12. Our goal is that the program will create pathways, remove barriers, and offer opportunities for these staff to attain degrees and licensure in special education while advancing their professional development and career trajectory.*

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*Please note C-DAP opportunities are currently limited to ESC classroom staff members.